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Transforming your Business with
Digital Solutions

We can help you generate data from your website and apps instead of paper-based forms and then use a Business Intelligence Solution to analyse your data and automate all your reports.

We use machine learning to detect abnormalities in Big Data and predict future trends and figures.

We connect your machines and systems so that they can exchange data (Industry 4.0).


“Thank you for the training you gave. My colleagues absolutely loved it."
- Benjamin, iA Auto Finance”.
SQL Database Training in 02/2020

Your advantages

With our digital solutions, your processes will become faster and more efficient and they will run with fewer errors, thereby reducing your production and administration costs.

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Quant Trading

We are researching AI based algorithms to determine reliable Alpha-Signals for quantititave trading. This is reflected in our company's name.

Available historical and realtime market data generates non-stop signals when to buy or sell certain stocks or commodities. This builds this the foundation of short- and long term profitable investing strategies.

Data Analysis

We can setup a data warehouse (DWH) and consolidate all relevant data about your company. This allows you to systematically analyze your company. On this basis, you can make the right decisions.

The DWH integrates data from different formats and from various sources. For example ERP and CRM systems, SQL, Excel, Access, integrated supply chains and much more. You will receive reports with meaningful key figures from a single point of truth.

Lower costs, more security and greater added value are the result.

Data Prediction

Data science combines numerous disciplines from data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The goal is to generate significant insights from large amounts of data and to derive recommendations for action that give you a competitive advantage.

E.g. with predictive maintenance we can predict when your machines will most likely fail in the future.
Another application is an automated credit score rating.